Transmission flush


More drivers are choosing to buy cars with automatic transmission.

In particular, powerful diesel engines offer exceptional comfort  due to their fast torque delivery at lower speeds.

However, these transmissions require appropriate care, which is not always provided because many car manufacturers have altered to a so-called lifetime oil supply.

This means that the oil does not need to be exchanged. Some manufacturers have reverted to stipulating a set interval between transmission oil exchanges, because problems such as transmission slipping, jumping, grinding and vibration during acceleration have increased in cars with a high mileage.

However it should be noted that only some of the oil is changed in a conventional oil exchange because a converter drain screw is not available for most vehicles.  This is therefore only a refreshment of the oil.  Technical faults could then occur even if the stipulated oil exchange intervals are observed because abrasion and contamination can interfere with the sensitive function of an automatic transmission. If your vehicle is suffering from these transmission symptoms then a transmission flush could help. We are able to remove virtually all of the transmission oil using special equipment so that any existing contamination is flushed out. However you should not wait for problems to occur, organise a transmission flush and oil replenishment on time because existing problems could lead to mechanical failure of the transmission.

We recommend a transmission flush every 60,000 – 80,000 km, depending on vehicle usage and make.